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As a a student of astrophysics, Maya is continually inspired by our grand and complex Universe, and by our ability to observe it from this tiny and beautiful planet. She also loves working with children and believes they have a unique understanding of our cosmos based on their own education, culture and pure imagination. The potential for the night sky to inspire and unite all people led Maya to an internship with the Universe Awareness Project, an international effort to "inspire every child with our wonderful cosmos." This year, as funded by the Thomas J. Watson fellowship, she will travel to Chile, Nepal, South Africa, Ethiopia, New Zealand and Indonesia in the hopes of working with children and their educators directly to learn how children around the world think about the Universe. She hopes that by traveling to locations around the globe and asking children about the stars, she will be able to broaden her knowledge of both education and astronomy.

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  1. Aloha Maya,
    My apologies for commenting on your current blog as I am actually interested in your blog created during your stay in Hawaii - particularly your trip to Kahoolawe. I would very much be interested in using an image from that blog for the Kahoolawe chapter of a new educational website. Would it be possible to continue chatting via email? lelapc@gmail.com